The tale of two Ships- and the magical question?

Two schooner ships set sail for the new world.  One ship comprised of seasoned sailors.  Men who knew the dangers of the sea and well-practiced in surviving.  The other ship equally equipped was crewed by a different breed of sailor.  Not unlike a child who questions the norms.  These men were experienced in life.


Two days out of port a major storm was brewing.  The sea was becoming angry.  The first ship responded accordingly, as the seasoned sailors slowed the pace, battened down the hatches and prepared for a rough ride.  The second schooner however, debated the severity of the storm and what the appropriate action should be taken.  Then they asked the magical question; “how can we get past the storm and on to the new world?”  From here they decided that they could quicken the pace, lean out the ship and steer a course to the backside of the increasing storm.  Risky?  Yes, but they also knew they could resort to battening down if need be.


Fortunately, both ships made it to the new world.  The second schooner however arrived 2 days before the first, giving them first rights to much of the land.


All too often, our business decisions are safe ones and lack fresh thinking.  The key to being successful is to look at opportunities in new ways.  One of the best questions to ask, the magical question, is this.


“We are going to … now what do we need to do to make this happen?”


You will be surprised at the solutions your team can bring forward versus the typical response to the question of can we do…  This question typically brings a list of reasons why it cannot be done.


Give the “magical question” a try!


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