Evaluate your business with a professional business operations review

In order to determine the health of your business, SPC Consulting conducts business physicals. These evaluations are intended to identify the opportunities for improvement and/or of significant risk. A business physical covers these major areas and more: facilities, financial management and IT systems, operations, equipment, material flow, inventory management, engineering (if applicable), quality processes, sales / marketing, organizational structure, HR, product offerings (scope and voids), and more.

How does a business evaluation work?

  • We will evaluate your business practices top to bottom to see where you have developed dependencies on individuals or really have no defined practice.
  • We help you develop comprehensive processes that are robust and address the gaps.
  • We show you how to internalize the processes, so they become business habits with your core values embedded in them. You can think of it as your business conscience.

One key element of a solid business is alignment with your core values and proposition. Who are you and what do you have to offer?

These are the questions that every employee should be able to articulate in some form without memorization. To identify these values and proposition, we engage with your team to ask probing questions that unveil the core values and value proposition your firm / company provide and operate by. We also challenge your business practices to see if you are aligned with your values. Surprisingly, many businesses find that they are not well aligned in key areas.

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