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SPC Consulting began in the fall of 2016. After years in senior leadership experience focused on driving change and sharing knowledge gained, it became clear that the way to do that was to build a successful consulting firm. So, that is what we did.

We spent hours listening to clients and colleagues share the challenges that they were experiencing. What we learned was that there was a common thread in each story. Most understood some of the problem but not all of it, most had an idea of how they might address it, but all were not sure enough to move forward. So, here lies where our business began – change – the big scary thing we all dread. But if we can make change our friend, and then manage that friend, we can accomplish great things.

We now have helped multiple clients to increase their profitability, reduce their stress, and get excited about their business again. That enthusiasm is what drives us to spread the joy!



Steven Cummings

Steven Cummings is a business executive with over 30 years of experience. During his career, he has led companies from $3M to $50M in revenue and driven growth internationally and domestically. Under his leadership, companies have achieved double-digit operating profits and double-digit growth over multiple year periods. He has led several new product development efforts, built four different facilities, implemented multiple ERP systems, and managed a bank turnaround. He has a bachelors in mechanical engineering from Clarkson University and MBA from the University of Notre Dame. His experience combined with his education allows him the unique ability to guide CEOs and owners down the path toward continued growth and success.

Steve is currently the managing partner of SPC Consulting. The group offers executive coaching, strategy development, and business process improvement guidance. Additionally, many clients benefit from the firsthand mentoring on finance, steward leadership, and management techniques. Today’s clients range from manufacturing and real estate to trucking and software products.


University of Notre Dame
MBA, 2004

Clarkson University
BSME, 1984


Tom Repp, The Repp Group

As President of The Repp Group, Tom is a great resource in how to manage the marketing function in today’s world. Many of our clients find that they need a digital presence beyond their static website. Tom and his team are able to bring your brand to life through the internet – driving more leads and sales opportunities. The Repp Group are experts in B2B marketing – they can show you how to move ahead of your competition.


Adrian College
Bachelors in Business and Marketing

The Repp Group Logo


Michelle Mei, Leader Momentum

Michelle Mei is the President and Founder of Leader Momentum. Its vision is to transform organizational culture through the teaching and application of servant leadership. Developing leaders is a top need to drive organizational success and growth, but it’s easier said than done. Leader Momentum is an ideal partner because of its turn-key program approach, consisting of quality content intentionally developed for the adult learners, with an interactive learning platform that will get the critical training to your leaders in a consistent manner. When you are known for having a proactive approach in the development of your leaders, you will better attract top talents.  Some of the leadership training topics include The Principles of Stewardship, Self-Leadership, Servant Leadership, Success Coaching Series, Spotting, Developing & Retaining Talents, Team Formation and Development, and Team Success Planning. To learn more about Leader Momentum’s ongoing research of the positive impact of Servant Leadership, please visit their website at

Michelle offers valuable insights into the field of talent management and leadership development. She and her team have made significant impact on numerous companies.


Western Michigan University
Bachelors in Business Administration, Marketing

Leader Momentum


Nino Garofola, Huron Business Analytics

Most business leaders have experienced frustration when looking over their finances or data. The fact is numbers are simple, but are too often over complicated by experts. This is neither helpful nor will it help companies grow. We have a process that helps these businesses not only understand their finances and data, but turn them into great decisions. With this roadmap, our clients grow twice as fast as their competition.