SPC Consulting’s business development strategy process

Each client has different needs – however – the fundamentals of business are the same. Which is why, at SPC Consulting, we work to provide a solution tailored to your specific needs while still addressing the fundamentals.

The general process we use to engage with clients is as follows:

  1. Establish an agreed upon goal.
  2. Conduct a business physical to define the overall health of the organization. We do this at two different levels. A cursory review for clients interested in strategy and in-depth for those looking for process improvements and organizational development.
  3. We then meet and review the findings. These become the framework for the next step.
  4. We begin the strategy development with a series of two to four meetings depending on the art of the doable. We follow a seven-step process that results in one and five-year strategies.
  5. For clients looking to improve their business / financial performance, we will focus our efforts on identifying key business processes that will make an immediate impact on the business as well as serve as a foundation to move ahead.
  6. Additionally, we will work through the organization to build a functioning model that has high accountability and succession planning built in.

business development strategy process