SMART Leader thinking…

For every great leader today there is a battle field full of good leaders who just quite didn’t make it. Some are haunted by the missed opportunities, others in denial, and a few who knew they needed help but could not bring themselves to seek it. Ask any really great leader and they will tell you they have had help lots of it. They read books, talked with other leaders, hired consultants, attended seminars and much more. Essentially, a craving to learn and explore how to take their business further regardless of their current success.

Now this seems obvious and you’re saying “I do those things!” Do you? When was the last time you had a deep conversation about the challenges within your organization with someone outside your family or friend circle. Ever ask your spouse what their take is or for an idea only to say in your head, “they don’t even understand where my business is at or how big an issue this is!”

Every great leader develops a confidant. A capable seasoned professional who understands business and can offer constructive criticism and fresh ideas that only come from outside. These are long term relationships designed to guide a journey not a just through a difficult situation. So who is your confidant? Shouldn’t you have one?

SPC Consulting provides access to seasoned professional guidance in a tailored approach from weekly to quarterly whatever suits the leader.