REMOTE WORK strategies-

We survived COVID, now we get back to normal.  BUT, what is normal? For many companies, especially retail and manufacturing it is pretty much unchanged with so subtle differences.  For others it is a whole new world.


This blog will give you a few straight forward steps to follow that will assure effective work results in the remote and hybrid environments.


STEP 1– consider your various work teams; sales, engineering, marketing, etc.  Clearly define the team and select a team leader.  Have them select a team name like Team Lilac or Team Orion.  This step creates a sense of belonging and can also be used to create competitions.


STEP 2– determine how you will communicate the weekly work requirements to the various teams.  Imagine something similar to a production plan in manufacturing.  This will be shared first thing Monday with the team leads.


STEP 3– have the team leaders schedule a virtual meeting with their teams for sometime Monday morning.  This is where they will communicate to the team what they need to accomplish or move forward this week as well as any scheduled absences.


STEP 4– have them report out the week’s results by say EOB Friday (adjust for your business).  The report out should be inclusive of the original work requirements.


You now have a method to communicate to the team what “needs to be done”.  The team can now set about getting it done.  The hard part is for leadership to trust the teams, my guess is you will be surprised by their performance in a very positive way.

CAUTION- Defining the work is not as easy as it sounds.  Guidance from the outside is advised in order to leverage an unbiased perspective.


One last suggestion is to leverage an app like “slack” or “what’s app”.  These tools will allow you to communicate in real-time with the teams.  Those team names can be helpful here as well.


Imagine how this approach to work will impact your company in a positive way and improve the lives of your employees.



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