Rainmaking…leverage it in business and golf!

I know you’re wondering, “how golf and business are related?”  And what the heck is “rainmaking”?  Rainmaking is a term coined for the zone where opportunity and definition are very vague but the upside is huge.  This period of business is filled with change.

We all have heard or been involved in business opportunities that lacked a definition.  Each hour that passed seemed to bring change to the business concept.  Some examples might be the early stages of new product design where first it needs to be sturdy then ultra-lightweight or the restaurant’s new site is on the corner and ideal but suddenly the city calls to inform you of new traffic pattern change.  Essentially, it is anytime the rate of change in the business is substantial.  This typically occurs early in interactions when lots of decisions are being formulated and business deals are being work out. Did you ever ask your salesperson after they visited a customer, “why did you say we can do that?”. Chances are they were caught in the zone where things were moving fast.

So how do we make this a competitive advantage?  Simple, we work to place our team members in a position to win.  To use the military jargon, you send the rangers to take the airport and infantry in after to hold it.  Every company should be working to develop a small number of employees who really understand their business and how to leverage opportunities (rangers).

What does a ranger skill set look like?  They can think multiple steps ahead (chess), be creative, think win-win, and finally they are decisive.  The rainmaking zone requires tons of decisions and many obsoleted before the sun sets.  So, if you want to develop rangers teach them good decision making practices and encourage them to use the skills daily.  Where do you want to place your rangers?  To maximize their effectiveness, look for sales / application roles, engineering development, or operations to get the most.

Hey, we almost forgot about golf!  How does rainmaking help your golf game’s competitive advantage?  Learn to be creative and decisive on the golf course.  Don’t try shots that are not your strength, leverage the various opportunities available to you.  A simple example, is after hitting into the trees right you have two options.  Option A is to hit a high hook, Option B is to punch a shot low back into the fairway.  If you hook the ball, go for the gusto and choose A, but be decisive and commit. You can be sure things will change on the next hole.

In summary, recognizing the rainmaking zone and then working to leverage the talents of your team to play effectively in this arena WILL deliver you a competitive advantage.  Let us guide you in developing this skill.  Contact us at SPC Consulting.