Business, Passion and Love. Finding your personal joy!

When it comes to business a trait that often separates those who “get by” from those who are truly successful is passion.  An often deeply intense drive that moves them as individuals.  This should not be confused with “Love”.  Do you remember when you first fell in love?  The world changed suddenly.  The target of your heart was all that mattered.  Even to your detriment at times, it clouded your judgement.

Passion on the other hand helps fuel the drive to be totally focused and sharp.  It allows you to think creatively about how to accomplish something.  When I work with clients about how they will grow their business, the question often comes to “what do you really want to achieve?”.  The answer at times is “I really love solving problems and I want to do more of it”.  Often people stop right there and set about freeing time up to solve more problems.  This step usually ends up resolving many of the issues (problems from poorly defined processes).  In the end, they have made some improvements, but are dis-satisfied with the results.

What happened?  They never stopped to ask WHY, they really like solving problems.  In this example, we found that the owner enjoyed learning how the problem had occurred and teaching his team how to solve the problem and building systems to deal with them.  After more discussion, we found that the teaching element was the big factor.  Now the work and strategy to free up their time became a passion as we incorporated them teaching short sessions to the team on a regular basis addressing many of the key elements of the business.  This actually strengthened the company as a whole by broadening the team’s understanding of where they came from and how they got there.  This brought great JOY!

As a leader of an organization, you must maintain a focus on how to drive your organization ahead.  Personally, you should work to build a more fulfilling role for yourself and expand your teams understanding of your business.  SIMPLE EXERCISE- the next great day you have ask yourself these three questions:

1.     Why was it so great?

2.     What did you personally do to impact that?

3.     What aspect of your contribution was the most fulfilling?

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